Welcome to the KSSS OCR

We at KSSS hope that you will enjoy your weekend here with us. Here you will find some useful information that will help you when you get to Saltsjöbaden and KSSS. Please also look at the attached map to find parking etc. Volunteers will help you find you way when you arrive.

Unloading of dinghies

You can unload your dinghy at the parking space close to the train station. Cars will not be allowed within the KSSS area other than to launch coach boats at the KSSS launching ramp. Please follow the instructions given by staff. 

Boat park

Each class is assigned a specific place at the boat park. Please respect the signs, the boat park is small and there are a lot of boats participating.se 

Coach boats

Coach boats are launched at the KSSS ramp. Depending on where you are staying, your trailer goes where you stay. Or, if you’re not staying at either of the the hotels your trailer can be parked at Slalomklubben (see map). Make sure that you park your trailer so that cars and other trailers can park there as well. Please bring a lock for your trailer. All coach boats can dock at the Marina or in the lagoon by the pier.

Car park

Please look at the map and follow the signs to the different parking spaces. We have a special permit for this regatta so that you can park your car along Saltsjöpromenaden. Parking is can also be done at Vår Gårds large parking lot (east). All maps will be on the website before the regatta starts.

Changing rooms

In the Club House, there are two changing rooms with toilets, showers and sauna. Since these areas are small – please do not leave your bags in there, while sailing. There will be extra toilets within the area and in the Club House.


If you have any questions, please contact KSSS at regatta@ksss.se or
+46 8 556 166 80.


/The Royal Swedish Yacht Club

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