Artemis Racing Launches Blue Boat

Before a crowd of almost 300 members of Artemis Racing, including family and friends, the team officially launched the Blue Boat this morning during a christening ceremony.

“This is a great day for many reasons” said Torbjörn Törnqvist, owner of Artemis Racing, who spoke before the crowd. “It is the culmination of a heroic effort to put together this beautiful boat…. The shore team has put so much into this, and now for our sailing team to get out there and give her justice. I am proud to share with you this great moment.”

The Blue Boat, christened “Artemis Racing”, will now be fixed with Wing #3 and undergo the dock tune process, which will set the boat up for sailing. This mainly consists of mounting the wing and adjusting all the rigging to proper tensions and lengths. There is also an in-the-water run through of the onboard systems, including wing control, daggerboards, steering, etc.