SI ÅF Offshore Race

SI ÅF Offshore Race

Sailing Instructions as a PDF incl. Amendment No 01 1 July 2016
Amendment No 1 1 July 2016
Starting Area in Stockholm
Starting Area in Sandhamn
Parade of Sails
Other Race Information

Sailing Instructions for ÅF Offshore Race 2016

  • ORC International with General Purpose Handicap (GPH) up to and including 675,0
  • Grand Open class SRS according to SRS table 2016 or SRS measurement certificate dated 2016, with SRS greater than 1,600.
  • SRS according to SRS table 2016 or SRS measurement certificate dated 2016, with SRS rating not less than 1,040 and up to 1,600.
  • Shorthanded according to SRS table 2016 or SRS measurement certificate with a SRS rating of at least 1,040. A minimum of 15 entries is required for a shorthand class.
  • Multihull according to SRS table 2016 or SRS measurement cer-tificate dated 2016, with SRS rating not less than 1.300. A min-imum of 5 entries is required for a multihull class.
  • Classic Class according to SRS.

1. Rules


(a) The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2013-2016

(b) RRS Part 2 is replaced by the right-of-way rules of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) between 23:00 and 03:00.

(c) The prescriptions of the Swedish Sailing Federation will not apply.

1.2 International Measurement System IMS and ORC Rating Systems will apply for ORC International class. The SRS rule will apply for SRS classes.

1.3 World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Category 3 Monohulls/Multihulls with Life Raft will apply with the following amendments:

(a) One fire extinguisher must be reachable from cockpit.

(b) Emergency navigation lights, according to OSR paragraph 3.27.4, do not have to comply with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea concerning light angles (2.03.3).

(c) Life raft, according to OSR paragraph 4.20 must have been serviced after 2014-05-01

(d) Vacuum packed life rafts must have been serviced after 2013-05-01 if the specifications from the manufacturer and the service station certificate allow this.

(e) Life rafts of valise type on board chartered boats and rented life rafts must have been serviced after 2015-05-01.

(f) Life rafts complying with ISO 9650 Standard shall follow ISO 9650-1 type 1 regulations (high wind speeds and significant waves may be experienced). Temperature class B and equipment pack 2 (<24 h) are accepted.

(g) Inflatable life jackets must have been inspected after 2016-05-01 by the person in charge and the auto inflation devices expiry dates must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

(h) A mainsail reefing shall be able to reduce the luff with at least 25% (changes OSR 4.26.4 g).

(i) The requirement for training according to OSR 6.01.1 when there are only two crewmembers, will not apply. 

(j) The requirement for training according to OSR 6.01.1 when there are only two crewmembers, will not apply.

1.4 Swedish competitors shall when racing follow the licensing rules for advertising as decided by the Swedish Sailing Federation.

1.5 Boats shall in accordance with World Sailing regulation 20 display advertising chosen and supplied by the organizing authority.

1.6 RRS 51 is modified to allow the moving of canting keel and declared water bal-last only. All other movable ballast as defined by RRS 51 shall be subject to that rule.

1.7 RRS 52 will not apply.

1.8 All boats shall be equipped with AIS and have it in active mode (transmitting and receiving) when racing.

1.9 All boats shall monitor VHF radio channel 16 and whenever possible VHF radio channel 72. Messages from the Race Committee over the VHF radio will be read in English language only. Any actions or non-actions by the Race Committee concerning calls on the VHF radio will not be grounds for redress. This changes RRS 62.1(a).

2. Eligibility requirements

2.1 A crew shall consist of a minimum of two persons.

2.2 A crew member may not be substituted without a written permission from the Race Committee.

2.3 For ORC International the crew weight is stated in the certificate.

2.4 A boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the class rules and the Sailing Instructions. On the water, a boat can be instructed by a race committee measurer to proceed immediately to a designated area for inspection.

2.5 Substitution of damaged or lost equipment will not be allowed unless approved by the Race Committee.

3. Notices to competitors

3.1 Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board at the KSSS website As a service a copy of the official notice board may be presented outside the Race Office in Stockholm on Skeppsholmen and in Sandhamn outside the KSSS Race Office. Messages to competitors may also be transmitted via SMS and, while racing, on VHF radio. See also attachment “Other Race Information”.

4. Changes to Sailing Instructions

4.1 Any change to the Sailing Instructions will be posted before Saturday 2 July 19.00.

5. Signals made ashore

5.1 Signals made ashore will be displayed in Stockholm at the flagpole outside the Race Office at Skeppsholmen, and in Sandhamn at the flagpole outside the KSSS Club House.

5.2 When flag AP over a numeral pennant 1-6 is displayed ashore, the start is postponed 1–6 hours from the scheduled starting time.

6. Time schedule

Thursday 30 June
09:00 Harbour in Stockholm open for mooring
12:00 – 20:00 Race Office open
12:00 – 20:00 Registration and safety inspection
18:30 Opening Ceremony
Friday 1 July
10:00 – 20:00 Race Office open for registration and safety inspection
18:00 Latest time for mooring
Saturday 2 July
09:00 – 20:00 Race Office open
09:00 - 15:00 Registration
09:00 - 14:30 Safety inspection
18:00 Skippers meeting
Sunday 3 July
08:00 Race Office open
10:55 Time of the first warning signal
20:30 Possible restart in Sandhamn depending on weather conditions
Wednesday 6 July
18:15 Prize Giving Ceremony in front of the Race Office in 
Sandhamn followed by regatta dinner
Thursday 7 July
Reserve day for the prize giving ceremony.

7. Class flags

7.1 See description in the Starting Order.

8. Racing Area

8.1 The Racing Area will be between Stockholm City and the island Gotland in the Baltic Sea.
The Starting Area is situated in Stockholm inner harbour close to Kastellholmen.

9. The course

9.1 Positions in latitude and longitude are approximate.


  • Starting line south of Kastellholmen 59 19N 18 05E
  • Björnsgrundet lighthouse Iso WRG 4s, to starboard 59 22N 18 19E
  • Bergholmen, to port 59.22N 18.23E
  • Hästholmen tower beacon, to port 59 22N 18 27E
  • Through Oxdjupet
  • Tisterögrundet light house Fl(3) WRG 4s, to starboard 59 26N 18 23E
  • Muskholmen beacon, to starboard 59 26N 18 24E
  • Viggsö to port 59 24N 18 32E
  • Kalvö light house Fl(2) WRG, to port 59 22N 18 37E
  • N Kanholmen light house Q R, to starboard 59 22N 18 45E
  • Hasselkobben, to port 59 19N 18 50E
  • Getholmen lighthouse Fl(2)WRG 6s, to port 59 18N 18 52E
  • Björkö tower beacon, to starboard 59 17,7N 18 57,6E
  • Korsöhalsen lateral mark, to starboard 59 17N 18 59E

In case of a restart, the starting line will be close to Svängen light house

  • Almagrundet light house, to starboard 59 09,3N 19 07,6E
  • Light buoy north mark Salvorev, to starboard 58 05,9N 19 21,7E
  • East of the islands Fårö and Gotland
  • South mark Hoburgs Rev, to starboard 56 53,4N 18 07,5E
  • Special mark Fl 3 Y app. 0,2 NM west of Visby, to port 57 38,6N 18 17,0E
  • Almagrundet lighthouse, to port 59 09,3N 19 07,6E
  • Finishing line at Skanskobb 59 17,0N 18 56,4E

The length of the course is app. 350 NM

9.3 While racing, boats shall not enter areas that local government or other regula-tions say are forbidden to enter, forbidden to pass or otherwise. These areas are obstructions as defined in the RRS.

10. Entering the Starting Area

10.1 Starting Area in Stockholm

(a) The Starting Area is located between Kastellholmen and Stadsgården quay. The location, design and details of the Starting Area is shown in at-tachment “Starting Area in Stockholm”.

(b) Departure from the mooring place, checking out, passing through area B and entering the Starting Area must be made under engine operation.

(c) Before entering the Starting Area, all competing boats shall check out by passing a gate outside Skeppsholmen. The banner with the boat's reporting number shall be visible from Skeppsholmen. The location and design of the gate is shown in the attachment “Starting Area in Stockholm”.

(d) A boat shall enter the Starting Area via area B not earlier than starting time K minus 20 minutes. A boat´s starting time K will be found in the Starting Order.

(e) The starting area is prohibited for all boats except participating boats. During the starting procedure and after the start, participating boats are not allowed to enter area F (designated obstruction as defined in the RRS). No part of a boat may pass between any buoys marking area F.

10.2 Starting area in Sandhamn, only if so decided by the Race Committee

(a) The location and design of the gate is shown in the attachment “Starting Area in Sandhamn”.

(b) The Starting Area is located east of Sandhamn close to Svängen lighthouse. The location of the Starting Area is shown in the attachment “Starting Area in Sandhamn”.

(c) Between 18:00 and 20:30 on Sunday 3 July all participating  boats shall check out by pass a gate located next to Skanskobb (a small island in position 59°17.0'N, 18°56.4’E) before entering the Starting Area. The gate will be between a flagpole with KSSS pennant hoisted at Skanskobb and a buoy with a blue flag. The flag buoy may be equipped with yellow flashing light, Fl Y 1s. The banner with the boat's reporting number shall be visible from Skanskobb. If the mainsail is hoisted, the sail number must be visible from Skanskobb.

11. The start

11.1 The starting line is between the starboard end and port end red cylindrical buoys (1x2 m).

11.2 If any part of a boat’s hull, crew or equipment is on the course side of the starting line at her starting signal and she is identified, the Race Committee will in addition to RRS 29, if possible call her sail number on VHF channel 72.

11.3 Competitors are not allowed to call the Race Committee or otherwise transmit on VHF channel 72 during any starting sequence. For urgent matters the Race Committee will monitor channel 77.

11.4 After a general recall, subsequent starts will proceed in accordance with the Starting Order. Any restart(s) will be made after the last scheduled start in the Starting Order.

11.5 After a general recall in Stockholm, the recalled boats shall lower their sails and return under engine to area B in accordance with SI 10.1(d). SI 10.1(e) still applies.

11.6 When flag N over flag S and or flag AP over S is hoisted, the archipelago part of the race is abandoned. All boats should then proceed in accordance with the attachment “Parade of sail” and reassemble for restart close to Sandhamn, Svängen light house in accordance with SI 10.2 and the attachment “Starting Area Sandhamn”.

12. The finish

12.1 The finishing line is between a flagpole with KSSS pennant hoisted at Skanskobb and a buoy with a blue flag. The buoy may be equipped with yellow flashing light, Fl Y 1s.

12.2 A boat approaching the finishing line shall, from 0.5 NM before until 300 m be-yond the finishing line, have the reporting number banner visible from Skanskobb, for example tied to the pulpit on the boat's starboard side. When finishing at night, the banner and the sail number must be illuminated.

12.3 When a boat finishes, she shall note her finishing time on the Time Report.

13. Penalty system

13.1 In addition to RRS 64.1(a), a boat may be penalized with an addition of up to10 % of her elapsed time as decided by the Protest Committee.

13.2 After finishing, but before a protest hearing starts, a boat may acknowledge breaking RRS part 2, RRS 31, SI 10.1 or SI 11.5 by accepting a 0,5 % addition to her sailed time. The boat shall inform the protest committee in writing (e-mail to stating the reporting number, the skippers name, rule that has been broken, time and place for the incident.

14. Protests and requests for redress

14.1 When the display of a red flag is required for a valid protest, the flag need not continue to be displayed after the protesting boat has notified or tried to notify the other boat. This changes RRS 61.1(a).

14.2 RRS 61.1(a)(1) is changed so that a boat shall also try to inform the other boat of her intention to protest by VHF radio channel 72.

14.3 Protests or requests for redress shall be written on the protest form available on the official notice board and e-mailed to within two hours after the boat has finished or retired. If the finish occurs between 20:00 and 07:00, the finishing time will be counted as 07:00.

14.4 Protests received will be published on the official notice board ( The time and place for hearings will be e-mailed to the parties and posted on the official notice board and in accordance with SI 3.1 as follows:

  • Tuesday 5 July 16:00
  • Wednesday 6 July 10:00, 13:00, 16:00
  • Thursday 7 July 10:00, 13:00

It is the responsibility of each boat to read the official notice board at these times and comply with any call for a protest hearing.

14.5 Protests received after 13:00 on Thursday 7 July will be heard at a later date. Call for such hearings will be e-mailed to the parties.

15. Scoring

15.1 Appendix A4 does not apply. The boat with the shortest calculated time will win and others will be ranked accordingly. Boats recorded as DNS, DNF, RET, DNE or DSQ will not be ranked.

15.2 For ORC International the time allowance will be based on ”Performance Curve Scoring”. Ocean for PCS will be used. Competitors will receive a Scratch Sheet which gives the time allowance at different wind speeds. Errors in the Scratch Sheet are not grounds for redress. This changes RRS 62.1.

For SRS classes, “Time on Time” will be used. Rating is shown in the Starting Programme.

16. Safety regulations

16.1 Identification flag, two stickers and a banner with the reporting number will be handed out at the Race Office after safety inspection and submitting of the crew list (see also SI 20).

16.2 In the area for the race Stockholm - Sandhamn heavy commercial traffic will appear. A boat shall not impede the passage of commercial shipping – see IRPCAS rule 9. If in an immediate risk of collision with a commercial vessel, a boat may use her engine to keep clear (see RRS 42.3(i)). If she does so, she shall note the time and place of the incident and the time the engine was used. A boat or the Race Committee may protest her if she may have gained a significant advantage in the race.

16.3 The person in charge of the boat decides when personal flotation devices shall be worn (KSSS implementation of Swedish Racing Regulations). 

16.4 The person in charge of a boat retiring from the race is obliged to notify the Race Control as soon as possible (telephone number +46 8 571 534 56). 

17 Reporting

17.1 A boat finishing or retiring shall as soon as possible submit the Time Report together with the banner to the Race Office in Sandhamn or to the KSSS Office in Saltsjöbaden, Box 118, S-133 22 Saltsjöbaden.

17.2 A boat shall in the Time Report note the times of starting and finishing, and the following roundings/passings:

  • passing Korsöhalsen lateral mark
  • passing Fårö light house, in true bearing 270°
  • rounding the south mark Hoburgs Rev
  • rounding the special mark app. 0,2 NM northwest of Visby
  • passing Almagrundet lighthouse heading towards the finishing line.

17.3 A boat shall via SMS, report passings and roundings as listed in SI 17.2.  If it is not possible to establish SMS contact, reporting can be made via VHF radio.

17.4 Reporting via SMS and VHF radio shall be in accordance with the attachment “Other Race Information”. The reporting number shall be used when reporting.

18 Boats not starting

A boat not starting shall inform the Race Office without delay and return the banner to the Race Office. The entry fee is not refundable.

19 Results

Results will be posted on the event website and a notice board in Sandhamn.

20 Advertising

20.1 While racing, boats shall display:

(a) stickers supplied by the KSSS, one on each side of the bow as close to the stem as possible,

(b) an identification flag supplied by the KSSS from the backstay

20.2 Boats with delicate hull surface may be granted an exemption by sending a written application to the Race Committee.

Håkan Andersson
10 June 2016


Chairman: Håkan Andersson
Vice Chairman Land: Karin Holmsten
Race Officer: Mats Dalunde
Chairman of the Jury: Claes Lundin
Safety Officer: Thomas Frimanson
Measurement: Håkan Lindqvist
Race Office and results: Karin Holmsten
Entries, certificates, trophies Lotta Ridelberg
Certificates: Göran Olsson
Finish: Nils Rune Nilsson
Media/Press: Mats Olsson
Harbour Master Stockholm: Christoffer Dohrn
Harbour Master Sandhamn: Christoffer Dohrn

Race Office: +46 8 571 530 68
Harbour Master Stockholm: +46 707 981 11
Harbor Office Sandhamn: +46 8 571 532 85
Harbour master Sandhamn: +46 70 213 20 68
Race Control: +46 8 571 53 456; sms +46 73 592 74 89
Press centre: +46 70 633 61 30

Mooring in Stockholm will be in the area in front of and aft of sailing ship af Chapman.

Participating boats do not need to pay mooring fees from June 30th to July 3rd in the KSSS area in Stockholm, neither in Sandhamn from July 4th to July 7th. Boats may not moor atPilots' or private landing stages in the west part of the Sandhamn harbour. Mooring in Stockholm shall be done according to the “Mooring Plan” announced at the KSSS website in the beginning of the week of the regatta (

The KSSS harbours in Stockholm and Sandhamn are reserved for the competing boats. In Stockholm other boats (tender boats, support boats) belonging to the competitors, are asked to moor in other areas. KSSS recommend the guest harbour “Vasahamnen”. In Sandhamn, these boats are welcome to moor at Lökholmen, there KSSS offer a 50% discount on normal mooring fees during the regatta. 

To facilitate the starting procedure boats will be divided into starting groups with about 15 to 25 boats in each. There will be ten minutes between the starts of different groups. Starting groups will be announced on at the latest June 28th.

A weather forecast for the next coming days will be given at the Skippers' Meeting. Weather reports will be transmitted every eight hours starting on Saturday July 2nd at 11 00 hours.

In connection with the weather reports, any messages from the Race Committee or warnings of special importance for the competitors, may be forward. See attachment "Other Race Information".

Safety check list is available at KSSS website ( After completion of the safety inspection the safety check list signed by the person in charge, shall be handed in to the race office not later than 15:00 hours the day before start.

Boat not fulfilling the requirements can be excluded from the race. See RRS 76.1.
It is important to notice that the inspection of a boat, in no way reduces the responsibility of the owner or his representative.

Skipper or person in charge shall complete the crew list on KSSS website (

Boats shall check function of VHF and AIS in connection with safety inspection inStockholm. In order to facilitate other boats checks, notice that AIS equipment should be turned off after function check and, when moored in Stockholm, be kept in turned off mode.

Boats will have the possibility to test the VHF radio by a radio check to the maritime radio centre Stockholmradio. The service will be available on channel 23 during the same hours as the inspection stations are open. The call sign will be Stockholmradio.

 Testing VHF:
Switch on the VHF radio; tune in channel 23 and call:
Stockholmradio”, this is (boat's name, reporting number and call sign), radio check”.

If the connection is in order the Stockholmradio will answer:
(Boat's name, reporting number and call sign) this is Stockholmradio, communication OK, over and out”.

It is recommend, that the following Swedish Maritime Administration charts are available on board: 61, 62, 71, 613, 615, 616, 617, 731, 6141, 6142, 6143, 6144, 6171, and 6172.

For race documents, printer and scanner will be available at the Race Office to be used by the competitors.

Every boat shall have a skipper, Person in Charge. In relation to the organising authority and the Race Committee, the skipper represents the owner and the crew and on behalf of them he is responsible for the boat and her equipment being seaworthy and adequate for the race and that the crew has the capacity to accomplish the race. See RRS 46. There shall also be a deputy person in charge assigned (OSR 1.02.1).

The Regatta Party at ”Seglarrestaurangen” in Sandhamn will take place immediately after prize giving on July 6th. Tickets may be ordered from the headwaiter at the Seglarrestaurangen, telephone +46 8 574 504 00. Requests for reservations can be sent by E-mail to

Prize winners who have not called for their trophies at the Secretariat of KSSS at the latest in December 2016 will lose the trophies.

Responsible Editor KSSS-Publicerad 2016-06-15