Board & Committees

The Fleet Racing Committee

The Fleet Racing Committee’s operations have the primary purpose of promoting and supporting fleet racing and training activities with the aim of developing sail-racing competence of the members of the club, at an elite as well as a wider-ranging level.

The Offshore Racing Committee

The Offshore Racing Committee’s primary aim is to develop sail-racing within KSSS and to arrange international first-class events within the province.

The Junior Committee

The Junior Committee’s main task is to, through sailing camps, sailing schools and other junior activities, stimulate and develop sailing knowledge and the general interest of yachting and sailing among the Club’s junior members.

The Information Committee

The Information Committee works towards giving the internal and external target groups the correct image of KSSS and its activities. The primary channels for this are KSSS Aktuellt, www.ksss.se, and other informative ventures such as press conferences and media management, prior to, during and after all KSSS events and activities.

The Motor Boat Committee

The Motor Boat Committee activities cover education in the handling of motor boats for stewards, leaders, instructors, trainers and members as well as supporting the yacht-racing activities with motorboat drivers and steward boats.

The Activity Committee

The Activity Committee’s goal is to continue to guarantee the publication of the Club’s year book and through different activities, such as the fashion show at the Grand Hotel, give active support to the junior activities.

The Club Committee

The Club Committee is responsible for the coordination and planning of Club activities in connection with competitions and events that are arranged with the Club as well as planning and executing parties, member evenings and other social activities for members. Within the committee there is also a clothing council responsible for the production and approval of clothing and other KSSS articles.

The Building Maintenance Committee

The Building Maintenance Committee is responsible for the planning and prioritisation of new construction, service, maintenance and optimisation of the Club’s permanent premises and to be available to assist with expert knowledge during its execution.

The Long-distance Sailing Committee

The Long-distance Sailing Committee collaborates with our Scandinavian twin clubs in long-distance sailing and rally activities as well as arranging travel connected to sailing. The goal is to provide a balanced choice that is suited to all categories of KSSS members. The choice shall be earmarked by good quality, a pleasant atmosphere and a high-level of accessibility.

The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall follow the financial development of KSSS and continually propose measures with the aim of improving the finances of the Club. The objective of the above in the long-term is for the finances of KSSS to be so good that the club can achieve the goals set by the board for the activities.

Responsible Editor KSSS-Publicerad 2012-05-24