On the island Lökholmen, KSSS (The Royal Swedish Yacht Club) offers hostel living with a genuine archipelago environment. The hostel is a pleasant way to enjoy the archipelago for members of the KSSS as well as non-members. 

KSSS has ten rooms with two to six beds in each room. If in need of bed sheets, it can be rented. The hostel is open between the 1st of May and the 30th of September.

For questions please contact the harbour staff on Lökholmen on +46 70 213 20 66  or email lokholmen@ksss.se

Price Member Non-member
Hostel (per person / night) 300 kr 350 kr
Bed sheets (per set / stay) 50 kr 50 kr

Responsible Editor KSSS-Publicerad 2013-05-23