Regulations Lökholmen

  • For everyone’s comfort the harbour is to be quiet from 23:00
  • The skipper is legally liable under maritime law
  • For safety reasons, it is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure that a person is available to move the boat around the clock. We therefore ask for the phone number to the skipper.
  • It is prohibited to secure boat / watercraft (such as jet ski) to the berth
  • It is the skipper's responsibility to render the harbour fee and also ensure that the regulations regarding Lökholmen is followed onboard. 
  • It is prohibited to use grills on all jetties. 
  • Waste is to be left in the wastesheds. 

All crimes and offenses  will be reported to the police.
If you have complaints, please call the harbour staff at +46 (0) 70 213 20 66  

Responsible Editor KSSS-Publicerad 2013-05-23