Regulations Sandhamn's guestharbour

Regulations Sandhamn’s guestharbour

  • For everyone’s comfort the harbour is to be quiet from 23:00
  • The skipper is legally liable under maritime law
  • For safety reasons, it is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure that a person is available to move the boat around the clock. We therefore ask for the phone number to the skipper.
  • It is prohibited to lock boats / watercraft (such as jet ski) to the berth
  • It is the skipper’s responsibility to “check-in” the boat and ensure that the regulations of the guestharbour are followed onboard.
  • It is prohibited to use barbeques on all berths.
  • Garbage must be left at the waste station which is next to “Nautiska Magasinet”.

All crimes and offenses will be reported to the police. 
If you have complaints, please call the harbour master at +46 (0) 70 213 20 68  

Harbour Master: +46 (0)70 - 213 20 68
Harbour Office: +46 (0)8-571 532 85, sandhamn@ksss.se 

Responsible Editor KSSS-Publicerad 2013-05-23