Solsidan takes line honor

2012-07-02 - ÅF Offshore Race Magnus Woxén, one of the most experienced Swedish sailors, including four Around the World-races on the track list, stuck his neck out for this year's ÅF Offshore Race and said he was looking for "line honor".

"It was a cheeky goal. But we did it," said Magnus when "Solsidan", as the first boat, reached Sandhamn twenty minutes past five on Monday evening.

"It's been fun all the way. We have had great sailing and we're not even
tired, says Magnus."

It was in the harsh winds from the southern point of Gotland, Hoburgen, up against rounding outside the city of Visby as the two Farr 30: s Solsidan and S/Y Maskinen battled for the lead.

"It was hard and tough sailing at the time. But the crew fought really hard and after a few hours we had a good lead," says Magnus who has been at the helm most of the time.

Magnus have become 41 years. As a younger teenager, he participated in his first race around the island of Gotland. He has sailed in everything from optimists to 100-foot boat and Monohull as well as multi-hulls. It is probably the mix that made him so good.

"I guess the reason I have been quite successful is that I have sailed
many different types of boats from a young age," he says.

In last year's ÅF Offshore Race Magnus sailed on DataCom which then became the overall winner. This year he chose to compete with his own Farr 30:a "Solsidan".