Summary, Tuesday Morning

2012-07-03 - Sandhamn, Tuesday morning. Sunshine in the east, weak southerly winds, plus 14 degrees. 211 boats started, 104 had crossed the finish line at 07.30.

This means that 107 boats are left on the track in the expected weak and very variable winds. Seven boats have broken. And no injuries.

The last boat rounded Hoburgen at 07:00 on Tuesday morning in just over one knot, northerly wind.

Line honor in the Classic Class went to the SK-95  Britt-Marie, with Leif Grönwall as skipper. Britt-Marie came in at 23:46. First in class SRS A was the 100-footer Hyundai with Bertil Söderberg who came in just before midnight.

In ORC-SM the first boat, Adeline with Lars Karlöf, came in at 1:20 and in ORC-A the German boat Varuna with Jens Kellinghausen was the first to cross the finish line.

Fastest TP-52 at 1:52 was Pace with Johnny Vincent as skipper.