Fill the jetties! Time for scandinavia's largest sail race.

2013-06-27 - ÅF Offshore Race

It's hard to believe but here at Skeppsholmen is pretty deserted right now. Within 24 hours, there will be over 250 boats with crew, probably over a thousand people who populate the docks, beaches and tents. However, lacking right now two things: the blowing and those that have to use the wind. Thus, wind and boats. But everything will be okay.

Some brief facts about this year's ÅF Offshore Race Round Gotland. The City of Stockholm has supported the contest by posting five pontoon bridges. It is the third time the race starts from Stockholms Ström. The new element ÅF Inshore Race on Saturday, has gathered 44 participants. This year's ocean racing around Gotland proceeds counter-clockwise, ie one rounds Hoburgen from west to east, rather than the reverse as it has been in recent years. Some spectacular boats are participating, including Europe's largest monohull, the 100-footer Esimit Europ'e with a 44 m high mast. Boasting technical innovations such as front and rear rudders and a canting keel. Team SCA will participate with two Farr 45s which are striped and painted just like the race boat.

For participants and officials, the gastronomic quality is raised by Operakällaren opening a temporary restaurant in the area. For those who are interested, you can follow the development on our website. There, current news is interspersed with interviews of contestants, officials and other interesting people. Novel this year is an app designed for iPhone (AppStore) and Android (Google Play). It's called "KSSS" and provides instant access to events, maps, news and more.

The jetties still lie empty, but just wait ...