It is in the air.

2013-06-29 - ÅF Offshore Race Like racehorses in their booths before start: The sailors place an eye on the final details: gear, charts, tactics and determination. The excitement is so complete, you can almost touch it!

Skeppsholmen is bubbling with anticipation. According to the port captain Paul Henriz there are now more than 200 boats on site, no incidents have occurred, the guards are happy, the people are happy and the sun is shining. The spirits are high, a prerequisite for a successful event.

The weather forecast for todays inshore sailing, ÅF Inshore Race starting at 11.00am: weak southeasterly winds of 2-4 m/s, but increasing during the day. Implying a calm start.Sunday's forecast for the big race, ÅF Offshore Race is continued weak winds, south-southwest but increasing to 6 m / s in the evening. It favors the smaller boats.

For those who have wet dreams - forget it, no rain in sight for the next few days.