KSSS Business Cup - Skärgårdsstiftelsen winner

2013-06-28 - ÅF Offshore Race During the spring member companies competed in the KSSS Business Cup. Today sailed finale outside Kastellholmen.

Competition is carried out with J-92 boats from At Sea Events. Each qualifying tournament has been implemented in five races, as well as the final. Complete final participant of the spring races where teams from Avantime, KSSS / SeaPilot, Villa Söderås and Skärgårdsstiftelsen. today's qualifying competition saw teams from Fredells and Skoghem & Wik with two teams.

The final winner was Skärgårdsstiftelsen with skipper Ulrika Palm with staff who won three of the final five races. Second place was Skoghem & Wik and tied for third place Villa Söderås and SeaPilot.