Light winds on the Baltic

2013-07-01 - ÅF Offshore Race Out on the course a lot has happened during the morning although light winds have contributed to the drama. Esimit Europa is steaming at the front.

If there is to be a new track record, she must be over the finish line around 19:30 tonight. There is still a chance.

Behind her are many of the boats have collected in different groups. The winds have been very light during the day - and some boats have ended up becalmed. Hugo Boss is a clear second and will soon round Hoburgen.

Today's winds around Gotland looks to remain weak with local calm areas. Right now it's very light winds at the rounding mark in Visby. At the same time, we note that Hugo Boss logs ten knots outside Stora Karlsön. This means that there is wind in local areas. Wind forecast for Western Gotland for Monday night, increasing wind, south to southwest 5-9 m / s