Carolina 13, youngest crew member

2015-06-27 - ÅF Offshore Race She is 13 and sailing her first Round Gotland Race. She is part of the crew on Anahita, a Laurin-boat built in 1961 and racing in the ORCi class.

"I'm from a real sailing family and wanted to be onboard this year, I liked the idea. I've sailed all my life, Optimists and C55:s, and have attended the sailing camp at Lökholmen by Sandhamn."

What do you think will happen during the race?

"I don't think the weather will be tough but I expect a lot of upwind sailing. I have been given a free role onboard, that means helping out wherever I'm needed, maybe preparing food or keep things organized. And it will be fun to be onboard and experience what it is like during racing."

Aren't you a little afraid?

"No, I feel safe onboard but maybe I'll get scared if the weather turns bad."

Father Carl Urban is standing close by and says that it was Carolina who asked to join and he thought it was a good idea. He has sailed 10 Round Gotland Races and won the IMS 1-class in 1996.