Day Camps at Saltsjöbaden, Djursholm and Klockaruddsholmen

Day Camps at Saltsjöbaden, Djursholm and Klockaruddsholmen

Day Camps in Saltsjöbaden, Djursholm and Klockaruddsholmen
KSSS is organizing day camps for our youngest children in the age of 8-11 years old. We sail optimist dinghies and learn the basis of sailing, weather and winds and how to make knots. The days start off at 9 am and finishing at 4 pm. All participants bring their own lunch. The camps last for 5 days consisting of 20 children and 5 instructors.

It is possible to join the day camps in either Saltsjöbaden, Djursholm or at Klockaruddsholmen. For more information please contact Katarina Persson:

Schedule 2015


Saltsjöbaden 1: 13 – 17 of June
Saltsjöbaden 2: 3 – 7 of August
Saltsjöbaden 3: 10 – 14 of August 


Djursholm 1: 13 – 17 of June
Djursholm 2: 3 – 7 of August
Djursholm 3: 10 – 14 of August


Klockaruddsholmen: 6 -10 of July

Registration and fees
1st of January-28 of February 2015.
It is not mandatory to be a member to join our day camps.  
Price: 2400 SEK for members and 2800 SEK for non-members.  
The price includes 5 days of sailing education and boats to borrow.

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