Information Laser Master

The regatta is hosted by KSSS (the Organiser) at Sandhamn/Lökholmen which is located in Stockholm’s outermost archipelago. It is not possible to reach Sandhamn by car and regular ferry transportation does not carry laser dinghies and bulky goods. Therefore, the Organiser offers participants special charter ferry transportation for a transportation fee. Please pay close attention to the information below regarding ferry transportation and other logistics.

The Race Office and boat park during the regatta will be situated at KSSS facilities at Lökholmen. A scheduled shuttle ferry “Baljan” is frequently connecting Sandhamn and Lökholmen free of charge (four minutes ride).

1. Location of ferry departure; Loading

1.1 The transportation vessel will depart from Sjösala south of Stavsnäs at Värmdö east of Stockholm, please see enclosed map and road description, and arrive at the regatta site at Lökholmen. The trip takes approx. 75 min at sea. 

1.2 The transport vessel will carry Lasers on trolleys, other Laser equipment and sailor’s luggage. Luggage will be stored outdoor and you are therefore advised to use bags that can withstand rain and spray. 

1.3 Loading will start 45 min before the ferry departure. Please make sure to have your Laser ready on its trolley with wheels attached and with all other equipment available when loading starts. The ferry has a tight schedule and we cannot guarantee transportation in case of late arrival.

1.4 Lasers will be stacked in at least two layers so we kindly ask you not to tie masts or other parts to the deck. Please bring any trolley connection parts that may be required for stacking. 

1.5 Participants and guests will travel on separate transportation vessels. Regular transportation to Sandhamn/Lökholmen for passengers leaves from Stavsnäs Vinterhamn, 2,2 km walking distance from Sjösala (or Strandvägen in Stockholm).

There is parking available also in Stavsnäs Vinterhamn at normal prices approximately double the price of Sjösala. KSSS will endeavor to assist with transport between Sjösala and Stavsnäs but it is recommended for sailors to help each other with commuting since KSSS must focus on loading the Lasers. More information and details on the passenger transportation can be found on

2. Ferry schedule 

The transportation vessel will depart according to the following time schedule:

Wednesday 9 August
11:00 departure Sjösala
  (participants in the Laser Master Training Clinic will have reserved spots)
Thursday 10 August
08:00    departure Sjösala
11:30 departure Sjösala
15:00 departure Sjösala
18:30 departure Sjösala
Sunday 13 August
08:00 departure Lökholmen
11:30 departure Lökholmen
15:00 departure Lökholmen
18:30 departure Lökholmen

The Organiser is estimating the number of Lasers to be stacked on top of each other on each transport. If we can not stack the estimated number of Lasers on top of each other, some Lasers may be rescheduled to a later transport.

The Organiser reserves the right to reschedule pre-reserved return tickets such that those competitors with longest travel distance receive the earlier departures.

3. How to reserve and pay for ferry transportation

Ferry transportation is reserved at in connection with the online registration for the regatta (KSSS Webshop). Each ferry departure will have a certain maximum capacity. You are therefore advised to reserve a slot at soon as possible.

The fee for transportation of one laser with trolley and related Laser equipment plus luggage for one sailor is 800 SEK for a two way ticket. One-way tickets will only be offered if there is available space, and then at half of the aforementioned fee. 

Payment is collected by the Organiser and payment is made to KSSS online (KSSS Webshop). A reservation is complete when payment has been made.

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel a departure or change the departure schedule.
The Organiser disclaims all liability for any damage caused to goods during transportation or during loading/unloading.

4. Car and trailer parking

The Organiser has arranged for car and trailer parking space reserved for competitors in close connection to the Ferry departure, see the enclosed map. Parking is charged by the landowner at the parking location, at the following discounted rates:

Cars: 100 SEK per 24 hour
Trailers: 50 SEK per 24 hour

The reserved parking area can host approx. 100 cars and parking space is offered on a first come first served basis. Parking is paid on site.

There is parking available also in Stavsnäs Vinterhamn at normal prices (approximately double the price of Sjösala), paid on site.

5. Competitors arriving with their own boats to Sandhamn/Lökholmen 

KSSS can reserve moorings at Lökholmen for participants with their own boats at regatta rates. Reservation is made at, 070-2132066. 

6. Accomodation

KSSS offers simple accommodation available at Lökholmen.  Price per bed is 350 SEK/night incl breakfast. Reservation is made online via KSSS web shop.

It is possible to camp (tent) at Lökholmen. Reservation is made at, 070-2132066.

On Sandhamn there is accommodation at
Sands Hotell 
Sandhamns värdshus

7. Food and beverage

Lunch packages can be ordered for 80 SEK per day (two sandwiches with ham or similar, banana, drink and something sweet). Reservation is made online via KSSS Webshop.
One beer or non-alcohol drink and snacks will be offered at the Opening Ceremony on Thursday, with possibility to buy additional drinks.

One beer or non-alcohol drink will be offered at the After Sail and Coach Corner on Friday, with possibility to buy additional drinks.

A Regatta Dinner on Saturday is included in the registration fee.
Suitable “sailor's dinner” will be offered at reasonable prices at Varvet, Lökholmen by Trollgården Restaurant on Thursday and Friday.

There are several good restaurants, bars, cafees and night clubs at Sandhamn. We recommend that you reserve a table well ahead of a desired evening visit.

Further information

Any further information regarding logistics will be published at

KSSS Office:  +46 8 566 166 80