AIS Test & Safety Declaration

Before Gotland Runt, each participating boat must undertake a test of the AIS-equipment onboard. Following a succesful test, the Person in Charge must fill out the Participation Form and certify that the boat has passed the AIS Test and in addition verify that they will be competing in accordance with Offshore Special Regulations Category 3.


The verification process includes steps to be performed by the Person in Charge of each participating boat:

  • The MMSI-number of the competing boat is registered together with other boat data in Sailarena by the Person in Charge.
  • Verifying that the AIS-transponder is visible in TracTrac must be performed between 16th of June and 12:00 CET on the 30 June 2023.
  • Turn on your AIS-transponder and go to TracTrac AIS Verification.
  • When your boat and AIS-transponder is visible in TracTrac, go to the Participation Form (link below) and certify that the test has been succesfully performed.



World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Category 3 will apply with below amendments. Please refer to Notice of Race and the Offshore Special Regulations.

  • One fire extinguisher must be reachable from the cockpit.
  • Emergency navigation lights, according to paragraph 3.27.3, do not have to comp ly with the IRPCAS concerning light angles (2.03.3).
  • One (1) suitable anchor with suitable combination of chain and rope or weigted line, ready for immediate use. Boats of 8,5 m (28’) LH or larger shall also carry a second anchor ready for immediate use but without requirements on chain/ weighted line (changes OSR 4.06).
  • Inflatable life jackets must have been inspected after 2023-05-01 by the person in charge and the auto inflation devices expiry dates must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • All boats shall carry either a storm trysail as defined in OSR 4.26.2 c), or mainsail with appropriate reefing system to reduce the mainsail area (changes OSR 4.26.2 d).
  • A boat in the Classic Class with construction limitations that make it impossible to fulfil World Sailing Special Regulation Category 3, may apply for exemption. Such application should preferably present alternative means of achieving equal level of safety and shall be done in writing to [email protected] no later than 16 June.

The Person in Charge of each competing boat must fill out the Participation Form to certify the succesful AIS Test and Safety Declaration.