Your registration is done when you have fulfilled registration steps 1 and 2. Please write in your MMSi number before 22nd of June 24:00. After you have fulfilled registration steps 1 and 2 you are welcome to pick up you start kit at the harbour office from 1st of July at KSSS Djurgårdshamn.


1 Boat and Crew information

2 Covid, AIS and Safety  




More information about testing your AIS

After we have received all MMSI number we will make a test race where you need to find your boat. After you have found your boat you can make a tick in the box. The test race will be running from Thursday 25th of June to Thursday 1st of July and we will send you the link to the test race when it is opened.


More information about registration in SailArena

It is now time to add more information to your entry in Gotland Runt 2021.

As Person in Charge, you will have to fill out the remaining information and invite your crew to participate. The process of inviting the crew is required to manage private information in accordance with GDPR.

Click on the link below to go to your list of entries in Sailarena. You must login using the same account as used when making your initial entry in the regatta.

LINK: (Svenska)

LINK: (English)


As Person in Charge, you invite your crew members by entering their e-mail addresses. An invitation is sent out to each crew member including a link to accept the invitation. Each crew member must be registered with a personal account in Sailarena.

Once the invitation has been accepted, the crew member can fill in his or her personal information for the regatta. Some information may be required, others can be optional. Some of the information can be updated and changed until the regatta organizer freezes the entry ahead of the regatta.

Once the invitation is accepted, each crew member can see his or her information listed here:


Colored indicators will show the status of your entry. In some sections, the organizer must actively approve the information before the indicator shows a green check-mark.


Also note that all Persons in Charge from Sweden are required to have an active Racing License (Tävlingslicens) from the Swedish Sailing Federation. Racing Licenses are purchased and registered on Sailarena.