Following Gotland Runt 2023, the foollowing trophies and prizes were awarded. For more information about the idividual awards, please click HERE.

Best youth boat * (Kurt Ribbhagens Trophy)

To be regarded as a youth boat, at least one third of the crew shall be 25 years or younger.

GalianaWithSecure - Tapio Lehtinen - Helsingfors Segelsällskap

Best Finnish boat * (KSSS Cup)

GalianaWithSecure - Tapio Lehtinen - Helsingfors Segelsällskap

Best Swan Boat* (Swan Trophy)

GalianaWithSecure - Tapio Lehtinen - Helsingfors Segelsällskap

Fastest Boat - Monohull, (sailing time) (Nirvana Trophy)

Wetjob Niclas Heurlin - Royal Swedish Yacht Club

Fastest ORCi boat (sailing time) (Arvid Nordqvist Trophy)

Magic Mix - Patrik Björklund - Lidingö Segelsällskap

Overall Winner of Gotland Runt * (Revengepokalen)

Team Pro4U - Patrik Forsgren - Royal Swedish Yacht Club

Best Boat to Hoburgen * (Linjeflyg Trophy)

Team Pro4U - Patrik Forsgren - Royal Swedish Yacht Club

T H Tromps Trophy is awarded to the boat with the longest distance to the start.

Allegra - Rob Grim - Yacht Club Costa Smeralda - Palma 2800 nm

Best Media crew

The crew onboard Allegra has sent in a lot of videos and pictures to the Gotland Runt media crew from their journey around Gotland. Some amazing action footage that made it possible for everyone who followed the race to really get a feeling of what it was like being out there. This videos was posted by our media team on the Gotland Runt Facebook page and has reached over 160 000 people

Best Linjett * (Rebellpokalen)

Alapocas - Johan Nordström - Trollbäckens Båtklubb

Best foredeck crew (Janne Gustafsson Memorial Prize)

Janne Gustavsson's memorial is awarded to the best foredeck crew. The winner is appointed after nomination by the Person in Charge after the finish in Sandhamn. This prize, the Janne Gustafsson memorial, will be awarded to a bowman whose qualities of skill, endurance, fearlessness and determination has contributed to the successful result of the boat.

This year we had several nominations from boats finishing the race. The nominated bowman fought on the foredeck to get everything perfect.

Joakim Hoppe (Tutalör)

"Several times our flying sails got stuck in the water, nevertheless, the bowman continued to prepare and hoist another sail. The scenery was like sitting inside a cold-water washing machine. Suddenly, the gennaker spun around the forestay. Fearless, the bowman climbs up the mast and solved the issue. Just one of several heroic moments in strong wind och very ruff sea. Notably, we competed in the Double handed class."


* Calculated time