KSSS new guest harbor in the center of Stockholm. 

Description of the Marina

The guest harbour at Djurgården consists of three big pontoon bridges with quays in between in front of junibackn. The Marina is open from 28 june to 15 september. The docks are maned by harbour attendents. You easily recognise them in their red jackets and blue piques. They are there to help you as a guest and you should never hesitate to ask about anything or ask for help!

Guest moorings

There are app. 120 guest mooring at Djurgården. Reserved moorings are marked with pink signs. The Guest harbour has 15 bookable moorings that could be booked via

Speed limit

There is a 5 knots speed limit outside the harbor. Please, be aware of the waves from your boat when passing the guest harbour.


You moor with the help of mooring lines connected to the pontoons. The line goes from there down to the bottom where it is attached to a chain. It works as a firmly installed anchor. ANCHORING FORBIDDEN!



Harbour Master: +46 70 - 678 41 81
Harbour Office: [email protected]