Frequently Asked Questions for Gotland Runt

Outside help

Q: Does the changed RRS 41 (c) allow use of grib files on a subscription or by payment of a fee?
A: A boat may receive help from an outside source in the form of information which is available to all boats, which shall include navigational, weather, tide or current information from any source which is available to all boats whether or not by payment of a fee or subscription, but shall not include any information gathered or the subject of interpretation by, or any advice received from, any human being not on board the boat and which is specific to the boat and her situation.

Q: Does the changed RRS 41 (c) allow use of information from a cloud service?
A: The Race Committee consider data processing and storage done in the cloud (software as a service) to be equivalent to local processing if local solutions are readily available (i.e. weather routing done in the cloud by services such as Squid or Predict Wind are equivalent to weather routing done locally in Expedition or Seapilot and therefore allowed).


Q: Can I change boat after I filed my entry to KSSS?
A: Yes, until the latest date for entry in the NoR it is possible to change boat. You must notify the KSSS Race Office at [email protected]

Q: We have decided not to compete this year, but has already filed an entry. How shall we cancel our entry? Will we get some of the entry fee back?
A: Cancel your entry by e-mail to [email protected] If your entry is annulled before 17 June 2020, entry fee will be refunded after deduction of an administrative fee of 1,200 SEK.

Q: We will enter as an ORCi boat. What do we have to do to also be part of the overall result in SRS for Gotland Runt?
A: In the Notice of Race there is instructions on how to apply for a Swedish Rating System certificate (SRS) that you need for the overall scoring. You will be double scored in SRS for the overall result for Gotland Runt and be scored in ORC for the ORCi class.

Rating certificate

Q: We have an ORCi boat and will compete in Gotland Runt this year. As we come from X-land, we have no idea about the Swedish Rating System/certificate. How do we get a certificate for our X-37? Can it be derived from the ORCi certificate?
A: Foreign boats applies for SRS certificate (free of charge) from the Swedish Sailing Federation. The data in the ORCi will be used also in the SRS certificate.

Q: I have ordered a new mainsail and hope it will arrive before the regatta. In my entry I have used my current, valid rating certificate. Can I change to an adjusted rating certificate after the new sail has arrived and is included in the adjusted rating certificate?
A: A rating certificate may not be changed after June 17th 2019 except as a result of a rating protest or to correct adjusted data from the Swedish Sailing Federation's rating office.


Q: The latest Offshore Special Regulations (OSR 2018-2019) states in OSR 6.01.3 that in cat. 3 when there are only two crewmembers, at least one shall have undertaken training within the five years before the start of the race in OSR 6.02 Training Topics. Is this training required in Gotland Runt double-hand class this year?
A: No, we have made an exemption regarding OSR 6.01.3.

AIS (Automatic Identification System)

Q: Our boat does not have a AIS. Can we apply for an exemption? Is there AIS for rent at KSSS?
A: All boats shall be equipped with AIS and have it in active mode (transmitting and receiving) when racing and no exemptions will be approved. KSSS have no AIS for rent. You must contact an AIS dealer, for example True Heading.

Harbor at Skeppsholmen

Q: Then is the latest possible time for mooring in the harbor at Skeppsholmen?
A: You must be moored no later than Friday June 26th, at 16:00.

Q: There can I find information regarding were to moor in the harbor?
A: At your arrival, the harbor master (in a RIB) will guide to one of the five floating jetties. There will also be additional information at www.gotlandrunt.se.

Q: Can I moor my 9-meter tender at the jetties at Skeppsholmen?
A: Unfortunately, we can´t allow any tender boats at Skeppsholmen. We suggest you use one of the neighboring guest harbors in Stockhom City, for example Stockholm Guest Harbor Wasahamnen.

Luggage storage and transportation

Q: We will sail some 500 sea miles to the start line from home and therefore had to have lots of extra everything (sails, tools, clothes, cooking utensils etc) which are needed for delivery of the boat, but making racing a little bit more difficult. Can KSSS transport our extra gears from Stockholm to Sandhamn?
A: When approaching the regatta, you can make a pit stop in Sandhamn and store all your extra equipment and gear during the race. Each boat may send a maximum of 4 bags. Boats bigger than 50 feet may send 5 bag in a container transferring bags from Stockholm to Sandhamn.

Q: Can I send additional gear in the KSSS container to Sandhamn?
A: No, the container is mainly for the sailors bags/equipment. The transportation service is not suitable for transportation of fenders, cases of liquids/ beverages, sails or other bulky equipment.

Q: Then can I hand in my bags for the transport to Sandhamn?
A: Information on time and place for handling of the bags will be posted at www.gotlandrunt.se. The information will be availble from the time of the opening of the harbour at Skeppsholmen.


Q: I have one important question about registration. Is it necessary that the entire crew will be on Registration or it's enough to present copies of the passports?
A: No, one person can make the registration, but the registration must be signed by the person in charge.

Position of the harbour in Stockholm

Q: Is the harbour at Skeppsholmen close to Stockholm City?
A: Yes, directly in the middle of town. There are local busses from the harbour to all over the city. Walking distance to the Metro is app. 500 meters.