Harbors in Stockholm for Gotland Runt 2022

This year the majority of racing boats will moored at Wasahamnen (W) at Djurgården in the center of Stockholm. This is also the place for the Race Village. Here you will not only find the race office and management, this is also a place to hang out with friends with entertainment, a restaurant and opportunities to shop boat gear at nice prices. This year, however, due to a exceptional big interest for our race, racing boats we will also moored at other harbors very close to Wasahamnen. Some at the quay at Strandvägen (S), at Nya Djurgårdsvavet(D), at Beckholmen (Bn - Bd) and the Navis harbor (N). Race management will assign the places.

S - Strandvägen

W - Wasahamnen

D - Nya Djurgårdsvarvet

Bn - Beckholmen North

Bd - Beckholmen Dockan

N - Navis