Gotland Runt logo on your clothes

Q: Can we use the Gotland Runt logo for our crew shirts?

A: Our clothing partner Helly Hansen have exclusive rights to KSSS and Gotland Runt for clothing.

We will also have an exclusive offer on clothing from Helly Hansen for Gotland Runt Offshore Race participants. This will be presenteted shortly.

On these and other Helly Hansen clothes you can choose to print or embroider the Gotland Runt Offshore Race 2024 logo if you want at your own initiative and expense.

Note! If the Gotland Runt Offshore Race 2024 logo is used, you can’t have any commercial logos on these clothes. Only non-commercial prints like boat name, team name, yacht club, nation etc. The maximum size of the Gotland Runt logo shall be 8 cm wide on these garments.

Contact [email protected] to get a printable logo.