Membership fees 2022/23

Age Annual fee Entrance fee (paid once)
0-19 yrs 620 sek 0 sek
20-29 yrs 620 sek 950 sek
30-34 yrs 1 340 sek 950 sek
36-54 yrs 1 690 sek 950 sek
65 yrs and over 1 390 sek 950 sek
Husband or wife membership 750 sek 950 sek

Permanent Junior membership (ages 0-19 yrs) cost 7 700 sek and do not require an entrance fee.

Permanent Senior membership (ages 20-29yrs) cost 4 000 sek and do not require an entrance fee.


Boat registration for sailing and motor boats

Length and beam  Boat registration
< 25 950 sek
< 45 1 650 sek
< 70 2 590 sek
< 90 4 650 sek
> 90 6 850 sek

A KSSS member with a registered boat has the right to 5 days free docking for crewed boats every season at KSSS marinas. These are located at Saltsjöbaden, Sandhamn, Lökholmen/Telegrafholmen.
These prices do not apply to boats used commercially such as charter boats.

A member who enters or registers a boat on 1 November or later, pays for the coming years but is registered as a member from the payment date. 

A member who registers more than one boat in the KSSS register, pays the above boat fee for the largest boat and a boat fee of 400 sek/boat for the additional vessels.

Boat certificate, In international waters, as a general rule, you dont need to have a certificate with you. If doubts arise whether your flag is really the nationality of the boat, an international boat certificate may be good to have. Prise 500 SEK