On the following links you find the results from 2021. You can also replay the race on the racetracker. If you want to replay the tracker in your mobile phone, you have to download the TracTrac app first from the App Store or Android Play. Dont forget to watch all the videoclips at KSSS Youtube channel.

Results Classic class
Tracking replay map - Classic class

Results Fullcrew SRS Total
Results Fullcrew SRS class A
Results Fullcrew SRS class B
Results Fullcrew SRS class C
Tracking replay map - SRS

Results ORCi class (PCS)
RCi Rounding results (PCS)
Results Swedish Championship Shorthanded Mix
Results Shorthanded class
Results Multihull class
Tracking replay map - ORCi* / Swedish Championship SH Mix / SH / Multihull

*The TracTrac results in ORCi class is calculated with "Single Number" and will always be provisional results. The final results are calclated according to Performance Curve Scoring (PCS-costal/long distance).