Frequently Asked Questions for Gotland Runt


Q: Do you have a maximum number of entries?
A: Yes, 250 boats.

Q: Can I change boat after I filed my entry to KSSS?
A: Yes, until the last date for entry (1 May) it’s possible to change a boat. You must notify the KSSS Race Office at [email protected].

Q:  We will not be able to participate this year but has already made an entry. How can we cancel our entry, and will we get some of the entry fee back?
A: You can cancel your entry by e-mail to [email protected]. If you cancel your registration before 10 June, the entry fee will be refunded after deduction of an administrative fee of 1,500 SEK.

Q: We will enter as an ORCi boat. What do we have to do to also be part of the overall result in SRS for Gotland Runt?
A: SRS will be used for the overall Gotland Runt Trophy for monohulls. KSSS will provide boats in the ORCi class with an SRS based rating number calculated from its GPH.

Registration and inspections

Q: Do you have to come to the Race Village in Sandhamn by boat or is it enough to register and go straight to the start?
A: Yes, it is possible to get directly to the start if you have first completed registration and collected the Race package (stargroupflag etc) at Race Office either in Saltsjöbaden or Sandhamn. After you have done that you can pass our check-in (gate) on the way to the start area.

If you do not intend to stay in the regatta harbor before the competition, we want to know so that we can offer other boats space in the harbor.

Q: I'm going to sail the ORC fullcrew and wonder if we have to have a life raft?
A: No, you don't have to, nor do other classes need it. World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations cat 3 without life raft apply for all classes.  

Q: Is it necessary that the entire crew will be on Registration?
A: No, registration will be done digital in SailArena and open in the beginning of May and the registration will close 1 July.

Q: Will there be Safety Inspection of the boats before start?
A: The boat, crew, and the person in charge shall perform self-control of the safety equipment. Regulations shall be audited and handed in to the race office.

Q: What if I need advice and guidance regarding the safety requirements in OSR Category 3.
A: The Safety Officer will organize a helpdesk in the Race Office, open for competitors. A boat requiring support with an equipment inspection close to the Race Office in Stockholm should make a booking at the Race Office. 
A boat requiring support with an equipment inspection should make a booking at [email protected].

Q: What type of inspection/measurement control will apply?
A: A random number of boats will be selected for control of compliance with her rating certificate. Can be done before start and/or after finishing.

Q: How about keel inspection this year?
A: OSR 3.02.2 - Note: this applies only to monohulls. Effective 1 January 2024, at a haul-out within two years prior to the event, the owner or his/her representative shall inspect the integrity of the keel and rudder following the recommendations in Appendix L. 

KSSS are treating this as the responsibility of the Owner and/or the Person in Charge. For Swedish boats, the Swedish Sailing Federation (SSF) has presented an adjusted Swedish application for OSR 3.02.2. On the SSF's website you will find the instructions, inspection forms, and support documents that you as a boat owner is strongly recommended to use to be able to carry out the inspection Säkerhet (svensksegling.se)

Q: What is the appropriate mainsail area to reduce if a boat don´t carry a storm trysail as defined in OSR 4.27)?
A: All boats shall carry either a storm trysail, or mainsail with appropriate reefing system capable of reducing the luff by at least 22 %. (This is normally achieved with a second reef) (changes OSR 4.26.1).

Race Village & Race Office

Q: Where will the Race Village and the Race Office be located?
A: Race Office will be open in Saltsjöbaden 25 June unitl 27 15:00 - 20:00, 28 June 09:00-11:00 and after that the Race Village and Race Office will be in Sandhamn from 28 June 15:00.

Q: Can we take the car to the Race Office?
A: Yes to Saltsjöabden but not to Sandhamn. Sandhamn is an island with no vehicle access. Regular ferries operate to and from Sandhamn.

Harbour before and after the race

Q: Is it possible to get a mooring in Sandhamn before the race?
We will offer free mooring for all participating boats in Sandhamn from friday 28 June until the start the 30 June. No booking is needed but we appreciate if you let us know in case you choose not to be in the regatta harbour before the start.

If you want to arrive earlier in Sandhamn we can arrange mooring in one of the harbours at you own cost. Please contact our harbour master in Sandhamn at [email protected]

If you need berth i Saltsjöbaden we can arrange mooring at you own cost. Please contact our harbour master in Saltsjöbaden at [email protected]

Q: Is there any harbour fee in Sandhamn?
A: After the finish in Sandhamn, KSSS will provide free berthing for all participating boats in one of KSSS guest harbours in Sandhamn (Sandhamn, Telegrafholmen, Lökholmen) until Thursday 4 July at 12:00.

Q: Is there a set mooringplanfor the participating boatsin Sandhamn? 
A: Each boat will be assigned a spot in the Sandhamn harbour before and after the race (28June 4 July). 

Q: Is there a possibility to lift the boat out of the waterfor inspection/cleaning before the race? 
A: The closets full-service boatyard is Bullandö Marina (8 NM west of Sandhamn).Bullandöcan be contacted through [email protected]. There are also other boatyardsinSaltsjöbaden and in the Stockholm area (see page 16 in the Notice of Race).  

Q:How will it be communicated in which harbour we have to go in Sandhamn? 
A: We are planning to have all competing boats in Sandhamn harbour.The exact location in the harbor will be communicated on site in Sandhamn. 

Q: Is there a possibility to keep the boat in Sandhamn between the Sandhamn Open and Gotland Runt? 
A: We can probably arrange a mooring for your boat during the month of June in Sandhamn for a fee, but it depends a little on the type of boat. The boat will then be in the harbour at Lökholmen or Telegrafholmen as the Sandhamn Harbour is fully occupied during several weekends in June. Especially during the Swedish midsummer weekend 21-23 June. 

Q: Is it possible to make reservations for the boat in Lökholmen before the race? 
A: If you want a berth in one of our guest harbours in Sandhamn (Sandhamn, Lökholmen Telegrafholmen) before 28 June, contact our harbour staff in Sandhamn at [email protected]. 

Q: We take part in the Archipelago Race. Which harbour can we stay that night then?
A: After the Archipelago Race you will stay in the race harbour in Sandhamn. If you need berth before the race you can contact our harbour master in Saltsjöbaden at [email protected] 

Q:How long can I stay in Sandhamn after finish? I'm a Dutch boat and my next crew will arrive few days later?
A: You can stay as long as you wish. From Thursday, 4 July at 12 noon, the port will switch to regular guest harbour operations. In the days after 4 July, you will therefore have to pay a fee. 

Luggage storage

Q: Can we store personal bags in Sandhamn?
A: Yes, it will be possible to store one small bag/sailor

Q: Can we store material in Sandhamn while we are racing?
A: We will enable some storage of boat material in Sandhamn, but as the surfaces are limited, we urge the sailors to limit extra material so that we can prioritize competitors with a long distance to Sandhamn.

AIS (Automatic Identification System)

Q: Our boat does not have an AIS. Can we apply for an exemption? Is there AIS for rent at KSSS?
A: All boats must be equipped with AIS and have it in active mode (transmission and reception) when racing. No exceptions will be accepted.

Unfortunately, KSSS does not have the possibility to rent out AIS equipment. Contact an AIS dealer for assistance.

Q: How will you verify our AIS equipment?
A: All boats shall complete mandatory testing of the AIS as part of registration. AIS online test period opens 14 June at 12.00 hrs and closes 27 June at 12:00 hrs.

Q:  Will you use a tracking system so my family can follow during the race?
A:  Yes, we will use two systems. On Skippo map you will find the boats and can serch for crewmembers och participating boats. TracTrac is our system for Live results.

Results & Rating certificates

Q: This summer I did not find intermediate results (Korshalsen, Fårö, Hoburg...) after the race. Are you going to publish them in 2024?

A: Provided that the boat has completed the race you can find the partial results in TracTrac by clicking on the stopwatch symbol. You find the Gotland Runt 2023 here. Link to 2024 will be published on the ONB closer to the race.

Q:  When shall I present my ORCi rating certificate? Can I change it after that date?
A:  You shall have your ORCi-certificate valid and published online at www.orc.org latest 18 June.No changes shall be made on ORCi certificates after 18 June unless prescribed and approved by the technical committee in correcting any error that may be found in boat’s certificate before or during the pre-race equipment inspection and before the start of the first race.

Q:  I have an ORC Club certificate, is okey to use this for Gotland Runt?
A:  No. Gotland Runt invite ORC International only.

Q:  When shall I present my SRS rating certificate? Can I change it after that date?
A:  Last day for applying for an SRS-certificate at SSF is 8 June 2024. The Swedish Sailing Federation´s rating office has a 10-day working process on all rating certificates. I practice, your SRS-certificate shall be valid and published online not later than 18 June 2024.
The rating certificate may not be changed after 8 June 2024, except as a result of a rating protest or to correct adjusted data from the SSF’s rating office.

Q: I have ordered a new mainsail and hope it will arrive before the regatta. In my entry I have used my current, valid rating certificate. Can I change to an adjusted rating certificate after the new sail has arrived and is included in the adjusted rating certificate?
A: A rating certificate may not be changed after 18 June 2024 except as a result of a rating protest or to correct adjusted data from the rating office.

Q: What is the Gotland Round rating (GR-rating)?
AAt Gotland Runt, we want to crown an overall winner and SRS will be used for the overall Gotland Runt Trophy for monohulls.KSSS will provide boats in the ORCi class with an SRS based rating number, the Gotland Runt-rating (GR-rating), calculated from its APH. All boats registered in SRS will use their regular SRS number, but in the total list they are also referred to as GR-rating.

Q: How is the GR-rating calculated for the ORCi boats?
AKSSS compares the ORCi boats APH-numbers with SRS rating where matching certificates are found in SRS. In addition, KSSS also uses a conversion factor to yield a GR rating for the ORCi boats. The conversion factor corresponds to the average of the difference between this group of boats. This means that approximately as many boats will be benefited as disadvantaged by the recalculation from ORCi to SRS. 

 The effect is that the relative position of the boats in the ORCi class result list will not be different from the Overall list (SRS). The boat that wins in ORCi will not have another ORCi boat in front of it in the overall results. Depending on whether the ORCi boats have been favoured or disadvantaged in the calculation, some boats will get a better place and some a little worse in the overall list, compared to if they had been registered in SRS-class with an SRS certificate.Everywinter the ORCi and SRS formula may change and therefore the comparison can only be done when the fleets certificates are published. 

Double Handed

Q: Are double handed Multihulls rated in the total DH rating? 
A: For reasons of fairness, monohulls should not compete against multihulls under the SRS rule. The Double Handed class is for monohull boats. Therefore, a multihull cannot sail in the DH class but in the multihull class. 

Q: The Offshore Special Regulations (OSR 2020-2021) states in OSR 6.01.3 that in cat. 3 when there are only two crewmembers, at least one shall have undertaken training within the five years before the start of the race in OSR 6.02 Training Topics. Is this training required in Gotland Runt double-hand class this year?
A: Yes. Gotland Runt will apply this requirement from 2021.



Q: Are the marks set after the start? Svängen? Revenge?
A: The exact positions of the course will be written in the Sailing Instructions. 

Q: After the start, which mark must we round to go north?
A: The course will be written in the Sailing Instructions. 

Q: Do you have a route finished for navigation software 
A: The course will be written in the Sailing Instructions. 

Q: When will you present the exact rounding points?  
A: The course will be written in the Sailing Instructions. 

Outside help

Q: Does the changed RRS 41 (c) allow use of grib files on a subscription or by payment of a fee?
A: A boat may receive help from an outside source in the form of information which is available to all boats, which shall include navigational, weather, tide or current information from any source which is available to all boats whether or not by payment of a fee or subscription, but shall not include any information gathered or the subject of interpretation by, or any advice received from, any human being not on board the boat and which is specific to the boat and her situation.

Q: Does the changed RRS 41 (c) allow use of information from a cloud service?
A: The Race Committee consider data processing and storage done in the cloud (software as a service) to be equivalent to local processing if local solutions are readily available (i.e. weather routing done in the cloud by services such as Squid or Predict Wind are equivalent to weather routing done locally in Expedition or Seapilot and therefore allowed).

Prizes and Trophies

Q:  We sail in the multihull class. Can we win the overall Gotland Runt Trophy?
A:  No, the overall Gotland Runt Trophy is only open for monohulls. The SRS system does not work well for racing between multihull and monohull boats.

Q:  How can we nominate our bowman to the Janne Gustavsson memorial?
A:  The winner is appointed after nomination of the skipper after the finish in Sandhamn. Nomination will be done on tha website, Nomination Form - KSSS

For other nominations see this link to the website: Trophy application form - KSSS


Q: Is there a photograph with drone we can book? 
A: No, we will not have that service. There will be drone photos/video taken, but not on a specific boat. 

Q: Can you reveal more about the women on water event on July 1st ? 
A: We plan to have a networking breakfast/brunch with fun sailing on 29 June for our female participants but also invite girls/women from business and the municipality. We will get back to you with more information about programs and arrangements. Therefore, we urge participating boats to register their crew immediately and especially their female crew members so that we can contact them. If you are interested in participating in the planning, you are welcome to email [email protected]. 

Q: Do we need to pre order t-shirts? 
A: The best way is to order the Gotland Runt t-shirt before 31 May at https://shop.ksss.se/en/articles/2.115.810/official-t-shirt-gotland-runt 

We will have some extra t-shirts for sale in Sandhamn.