Artemis lost second race in Louis Vuitton semi finals

Cheered by a crowd of supporters, Artemis Racing left Alameda for its second race in the best-of-seven series. Today's winds were significantly lighter than yesterday, at 13-15 knots, with 0.7 knots of flood tide.

Alameda, CA - Aug 7, 2013  
Towards the end of the match winds died down and became shifty at the eastern end of the course making foiling more difficult which was a determinant in today's outcome.

The two AC72's were near even at the start of the race with Artemis Racing crossing the line just ahead of Luna Rossa Challenge and keeping the inside of the course to the first mark rounding. However, the Italians overtook the Swedes on the first gybe, proving again today how important foiling gybes are to downwind performance.  The Artemis Racing team kept their focus on communication and tactics and made significant gains on the upwind legs.
The last upwind leg proved the most beneficial to the Swedes.  After a tactical call made by skipper Iain Percy, helmsman Nathan Outteridge led the boat to the left side of the course to catch a shift at the high end of the wind spectrum and sail the boat higher and faster to the last upwind gate. Artemis Racing shaved one minute off the Italians lead with this move.

Helmsman Nathan Outteridge came off the water with these words, “It was evident that they foil better in lighter breeze. The wind was down to 6 knots at some points. If we had more time sailing the boat we would know more about which settings to use in light wind. We haven’t sailed much below 14 knots so from that standpoint it was quite difficult.” 

Tomorrow is a non-race day and the sailing team will be out on the water practicing their crew maneuvers and foiling gybes in preparation for race 3 which will be held on Friday August 9th at 13:15pst. Watch the race live on YouTube

Iain Percy (skipper/tactician),
Nathan Outteridge (helmsman),
Curtis Blewett (pit),
Andy Fethers (pit),
Chris Brittle (grinder),
Julien Cressant (grinder),
Craig Monk (grinder),  
Sean Clarkson (grinder),
Thierry Fouchier (jib trim),
Iain Jensen (wing trim),
Rodney Ardern (wing assist).