Bugia Bianca won ORC International Total

Bugia Bianca, a modern Swan 70, won ORCi Big Boat and ORCi Total. The boat, which is new in Swedish waters, has raced and won in the Mediterranean, was in the game already from the start. She was among the boats chasing Hyundai (a 100 footer Maxi Racer) that crossed the finishing line as the first boat.

-We are a gang of friends that like sailing. There are very good sailors who sailed the boat around Gotland and did it rather successfully. We have not actually done so many mistakes, but to win you also need luck with weather and wind, says Magnus Woxén.

Part from Magnus ”Bagi” Woxén with experiences from around the world racing, there were many famous sailors in the skipper´s Harald Kreckers crew such as Olle Jo Johansson, Lasse Tapper, Calle Hennix, Marcus Wallenberg, just to mention some.

- We guessed it would be a big boat race and then you cannot chance too much, says Magnus, “Watch free orienteer” on Bugia Bianca.